The Two Areas Most Prone To Premature Ageing

Environmental damage is one of the biggest contributors to premature ageing. And there are two parts of our bodies that are more prone to showing the effects of that damage and need specialist attention.

We all know that environmental factors are responsible for the majority of premature skin ageing; think UV exposure, pollution, low humidity and cold, drying winds. What you may not know is that the areas most affected by those environmental factors include the skin on your lips and your hands; both of which have their own sensitivities that require special attention. They’re also two features that people tend to notice.

Darling Lip Therapy


The skin on your lips is incredibly delicate and sensitive, easily affected by a change in your environment. Made of muscle and the thinnest skin on your body, your lips don’t have any oil or sweat glands which is why they can suddenly become dry, itchy, and chapped. Nor do they have the built-in barrier protection of natural oils to fight off dehydration and dryness, environmental damage, and even your own saliva.

As they’re particularly prone to sun damage and skin cancer, it’s vital to protect your lips from UV exposure by wearing a broad-brimmed hat that adequately shields your face from the sun and apply a lip balm with a high SPF and broad-spectrum protection. When your lips feel a little dry or uncomfortable reach for a lip balm or salve with antioxidant vitamins and emollients like nurturing botanical oils to help repair and rehydrate.

Our Darling Lip Therapy contains three key ingredients – Kakadu Plum and Macadamia and Peppermint Oils - that do just that while leaving lips with a flattering natural sheen and a refreshing, mood-lifting trace of Peppermint.

Cushie Hand Therapy


The skin on your hand is just as prone to premature ageing, though for different reasons. Your hands are constantly exposed to the elements, frequently washed with soap or alcohol-based sanitiser, and so often neglected. And as part of the natural ageing process, over time your hands lose fat, elasticity, and volume which makes them more prone to wrinkling while accumulated UV exposure can result in prominent age spots.

Most importantly, ensure you treat your hands to high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen, every time you apply it to your face and body. Wear gloves when you’re in extremely cold weather conditions or working outdoors. And when you treat your face to your weekly exfoliation routine with our Byron 2-in-1 Mask + Scrub, dedicate some time and effort to exfoliating your hands to help encourage cellular renewal and keep them smooth, soft, and bright.

Most importantly, just as your face needs daily hydration, so do your hands. Our  Cushie Hand Therapy is a luxurious but still lightweight hand cream that deeply nourishes, heals, and hydrates with organic Oatmeal, Vitamin E, and deeply nourishing Shea Butter. We don’t and won’t leave home without it.

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