Glowing From The Inside Out With Scott Gooding

Meet Scott Gooding, Australian chef, thought leader and best-selling author who recently released his new book, The Keto Diet. We've been craving tips on how to enhance our complexion through our diet (and we know you are too), so we asked for his expert advice along with a delicious glow-inducing recipe. Read up and follow him @scottgoodingproject!

Scott Gooding

Q: We use edible ingredients in our skincare to help enhance our glow on the outside, but what ingredients do you recommend to glow from the inside out?

A: I’m a huge proponent of real food and helping folks break down the barriers of cooking from scratch at home. I think the important thing to note here is that we are simply a melting pot of biochemistry, and in order to perform optimally, both physically and mentally, it's imperative to have a diet that’s rich in vitamins, minerals and co-factors. Foods that are readily available, affordable and are rich in “information’ are veggies that grow above ground and spices. Ensuring your diet includes up to 9 cups of above-ground veggies will certainly promote health, longevity and skin health. So in short, I encourage you to eat healthy and improved skin will follow.


Q: Can you explain how much our diet really affects our skin? Are there any specific foods to avoid to ensure a healthy, radiant complexion?

A: Our diet accounts for 80% of your optimal health, with the remaining 20% being a combination of exercise, sleep, rest, meditation and so on. Even if you can only control nutrition, it's possible to be lean and healthy with good skin. When combined with other life-enhancing factors such as exercise, it’s very possible to shine from the inside out. The holy grail to achieving health, longevity and radiant skin is to live a low-inflammatory lifestyle. Foods which are highly inflammatory should mostly be avoided. These are highly reactive and easily oxidized foods, leading to free radical, cellular disruption and mimick the effects of aging. Foods to avoid include canola oil, sunflower oil, margarine, safflower oil, sugar and highly processed foods.

Scott Gooding

Q: We want to age gracefully! What are your go-to anti-aging ingredients?

A: Aging is inevitable but there are a number of hacks to slow down the process

  • Bone broth: known to have a therapeutic effect on the gut, as well as promote the endogenous production of stem cells.
  • Correct dose of exercise: excessive exercise can be inflammatory and leads to an unfavourable hormonal profile
  • Turmeric: known to promote neurogenesis, which is the growth of new neurons and the improved capability of existing ones
  • Meditation: seen to promote neural plasticity
  • Low carb approach: embracing a high fat diet helps to provide the cells with the ingredients they need to be youthful
  • Veggies are hero: I make veggies the hero of my plate and see protein as the condiment
  • Sleep - although it’s last on the list it should be at the top. Sleep is a huge lever for health, longevity and happiness. Getting good quality sleep will certainly help you look radiant.

Glow-Getting Recipe

Because we’re all about anti-inflammatory foods and antioxidants, Scott has shared with us his glow-getting Dill and Cucumber Salad. Grab your best mates & get cooking!

Dill and Cucumber Salad

Serves 4

Dressing Ingredients
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
½ lemon – juiced
5 tbsp olive oil
¼ bunch fresh parsley
¼ bunch fresh dill
Sea salt + black pepper – to taste

Salad Ingredients
1 large cucumber – sliced and halved
1/4 bunch fresh dill
1 red onion – thinly sliced
2-3 tbsp dressing


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the cucumber, dill and red onion.
2. In a small bowl, combine the dressing ingredients.
3. Add the dressing and lightly toss until evenly distributed.
4. Season, serve and enjoy!

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