About Us

Our promise to you

Our priority is to bring your complexion back to its healthiest, most radiant state. To reveal your "Roe Glow": the very visible difference that clean products can make to your skin.

What makes us different

  • Minimal ingredients, maximum benefits
  • No fillers, no nasties, no worries
  • Deep-rooted family heritage
  • Purely Australian

Deep-rooted family heritage

Mad for sun, sand, and surf, twin sisters Kim & Zoe were incredibly fortunate to grow up in the waves of some of Australia's best beaches...until all that fun in the sun and salty water ended up wreaking havoc. Hello painful eczema and dry sensitive skin.

Their parents - both doctors - dedicated themselves to finding a solution. With the help of a compound chemist, they created a simple but incredibly soothing salve that healed their irritated skin and helped them feel like themselves again.

Inspired by their parents' belief in using minimal ingredients for maximum results, and their original physician formula they created Dr Roebuck's in their honour.

Today we are super proud to have built a community of clean-beauty fans in over 10 countries around the world.