Why Beauts Swear By Bondi

A few reasons we'll be using Bondi every day of the year

The Aussie-made mist formulated to refresh and rehydrate your skin 365 days a year, no matter where you are on the globe.

Our Bondi Hydrating Mist is what you need on sandy shores and in over-heated offices. Wake up your skin with this coco-nutty face, hair and body mist that will help keep you refreshed and hydrated all day long.


What makes Bondi Worth It

Bondi benefits

Kakadu Plum Extract
Helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, sun damage, aging, and hyperpigmentation. Also, improves skin texture and protects against UV damage. Sub it in for your morning OJ, as it has 50 times more Vitamin C than an orange.

Aloe Vera
Aids in improving natural firmness by hydrating skin and soothing it, too.

Vitamin B3
This multi-benefit vitamin aids in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, targets acne and helps improve uneven skin tone.

An anti-inflammatory that helps cool, calm and hydrate the skin.

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