The Ingredient That Inspired Us To Make Our First Face Oil

Yep, we discovered a potent, plant-based ingredient so special that it sent us into a R&D rabbit hole — and we didn’t resurface until we knew we had made a sustainably and ethically sourced, clean and effective facial oil we could truly call innovative. An oil that would serve and protect your skin while restoring your Roe Glow, even during Winter. Introducing Wategos Facial Oil

The MVP of our latest Dr Roebuck’s clean skincare innovation is little-known ingredient Blue Rainforest Oil. Sourced from the Rosewood tree (also known as Australian Rose Mahogany) a large, long-living species native to the rainforests of New South Wales and Queensland, this potent active hasn’t yet hit the radar of the wider skincare world; in fact we are the first skincare brand to work with Blue Essential Oil. Bragging? Nah just super proud and excited about its ability to transform your skin.


What’s So Special About Blue Rainforest Oil?

Distilled in NSW’s bio-rich Northern Rivers region, Blue Rainforest Oil comes from the native Rosewood tree. It’s packed full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antimicrobials that deliver multiple skin benefits including hydrating, calming, decongesting, along with an anti-inflammatory effect, making Wategos Facial Oil suited to all skin types, including sensitive.

How is Blue Rainforest Oil Sourced?

We are passionate about heroing native ingredients in our formulations and are always in search of the best ingredients sourced from the purest natural environments from our native Australia and in bio-rich environments across the globe. We also favour ethical trade partners who use environmentally responsible and sustainable farming methods.

In order to extract Blue Rainforest Oil, our licensed supplier collects fallen, aged timber ensuring that no Rosewood tree is logged or harmed in the process. The Rosewood tree does not decompose like other species and contains powerful antimicrobial compounds.

Roe Routine

What Will Wategos Facial Oil Do For My Skin?

Like any great multi-tasker, it does the work of many; Wategos Facial Oil not only helps to restore hydration levels but to first calm and decongest the skin, thanks to those Blue Rainforest Oil anti-inflammatories and antimicrobial compounds. Collagen production is given a kickstart which helps to smooth, firm, and tone your skin. And with superior antioxidant protection, this lightweight, easily absorbed oil will help to repair and prevent future environmental damage.

Wategos Facial Oil boasts a light texture that syncs beautifully with your skin. In addition to Blue Rainforest Oil, we’ve also included plant-based oils like Jojoba, Pomegranate, Safflower, Macadamia, and Rosehip that mimic your natural sebum and ease absorption. As a multi-tasking treatment oil, it’s an easy addition to your Roe Routine, applied after cleansing and your serum application and before your moisturiser. Ready. Set. (Roe) Glow.

Learn more about our first-ever oil treatment: Wategos Facial Oil

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