Why Serum Is Such An Important Part Of Your Roe Routine

Not sure why you should be using a serum? We’ll talk you through it.

The second step of our Roe Routine is: Treat. And by ‘treat’, we mean using a target serum to treat a specific skin concern. Neatly positioned between cleansing and moisturising, it’s an important step particularly when it comes to skin goals like brightening, hydrating, and anti-ageing.

So What is a Serum Exactly?

A serum is a concentrated skincare formulation which contains active ingredients to help zero in on a specific concern or skin goal, and sometimes more than one simultaneously. A serum is usually quite lightweight in texture and thinner than a moisturiser, which enables it to more efficiently penetrate the skin and get into the deeper layers to get s*** done. [Not a technical term of course, but one that gets a workout at Dr Roebuck’s HQ.] A serum goes on freshly cleansed skin and needs to be applied before a moisturiser so all that active goodness can be easily absorbed.

We’re such big believers in the transformative powers of a serum that we’ve created a range of clean formulations designed to do different things for different skins. We’ll talk you through our Dr Roebuck’s serum wardrobe to help you find the perfect serum for your skin’s needs and goals.

Problem: Your Skin is Thirsty

True Blue Aloe Vera

Solution: A super-hydrating serum to boost your skin’s natural moisture levels and keep it there, meet True Blue Ultimate Hydrating Serum. Think of it as a super-charged drink of water for your skin. Not only does it top up your skin’s moisture preserves for long-lasting hydration, but it helps to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier with antioxidant vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid. Six-week clinical testing found that 100% of the testing panel* felt their skin became more hydrated, with 90% seeing an improvement in skin firmness and 82% noticing an improvement in skin elasticity.

That’s three more reasons why True Blue Ultimate Hydrating Serum is the perfect choice for normal to dry and dehydrated types.

Problem: Your Skin is Suffering from Sun Damage

Surf Chaser

Solution: A skin-refining serum to improve skin texture and tone, firm skin, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, meet Surf Chaser Reverse Ageing Serum. Powered by a gentle but effective, plant-based alternative to Retinol, a stable form of Vitamin C, and a skin-refining peptide, it helps to visibly boost skin firmness and elasticity while brightening and evening out skin tone. In clinical testing, over 92% of the testing panel** saw an improvement in skin elasticity, firmness, and fine lines and wrinkles after six weeks of twice-daily use.

Surf Chaser Reverse Ageing Serum is ideal for those seeing the signs of sun damage and premature ageing, for all skin types, including sensitive.

Problem: Your Skin Looks Tired


Solution: A Collagen-boosting serum to help improve skin resilience and elasticity, meet Ningaloo Firming Serum. Hero ingredient Copper Peptide helps to bring back that bounce by urging Collagen and Elastin to up production to help support and strengthen your skin. Two types of Hyaluronic Acid attract and retain moisture to power that plumping effect. In clinical testing, a significant 84% of the testing panel*** reported an increase in skin tone and elasticity, 79% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and skin clarity, and 95% rated overall tolerability as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’

Ningaloo Firming Serum suits all types, especially those with fine and dehydrated skin that lacks resilience.

Problem: Your Skin Has Lost Its Bounce


Solution: An actives-packed serum that helps to rejuvenate your skin, meet Perky Collagen Boosting Serum. Anti-inflammatory Squalane helps to calm, hydrate, and harmonise, while moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and Inca Inchi Oil regulate and preserve hydration within the skin. Bonus: the instantly gratifying lifting feeling thanks to plant-based Pullulan that puts the P into Perky.

Perky Collagen Boosting Serum can help all skin types, and is especially great for dull, fragile skin in need of a reboot.

Problem: Your Skin is Looking Stressed


Solution: A skin-strengthening serum that fights environmental evils like free radicals and that ever-present blue light, meet Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum. Those particular evils, along with UV damage can not only stress out your skin but accelerate the visible signs of ageing as well. Tassie comes to the rescue with two types of Vitamin C, Blueberry extract, and the restorative botanical Myramaze to help regenerate depleted skin and strengthen connective tissue while boosting Collagen production.

Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum provides great protection for all skins, especially sensitive. Think it of as a form of topical insurance.

Are you and your skin following our Roe Routine? No idea what we’re talking about? We talk you through the 4 easy-as steps here.

*True Blue Ultimate Hydrating Serum testing was based on 50 participants using it twice daily for six weeks

**Ningaloo Firming Serum testing was based on 41 women aged 30-65yrs old using it twice daily for six weeks

***Surf Chaser Reverse Ageing Serum testing was based on 50 women using it twice daily for six weeks

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