Your Instant #roeglow Best Friend

Imagine a serum that helps to improve your skin tone and texture but gets you glowing instantly. Our product development team did just that and after many months of R&D, we’d love to introduce you.

We’re all about high-performance clean skincare that combines potent native botanicals to make a real difference to the health and vitality of your skin. Our clean skincare range does just that but without all the nasty synthetic and filler ingredients that are still so common in the skincare industry. We’re also big fans of simple and that’s why we love a multi-tasker because who’s got time for 12-step skincare routines, right?

This seems like the perfect moment to show off our latest clean skincare innovation: The Goldie Vitamin C Glow Drops. A new addition to the Treat category within our Roe Routine, it’s a lightweight serum that’s probably best described as a hybrid of a skincare product and a luminizer, and it’s quickly become our favourite new multi-tasker.

Long-Term Skincare Benefits Meet Instant Glow
One of the many things we love about The Goldie Vitamin C Glow Drops is that it works on improving and maintaining the tone and texture of your skin, while boosting hydration and natural radiance. It also delivers an immediately gratifying glow, thanks to sustainably sourced Australian Mica which helps to reflect light for a dewy, luminous skin finish. Consider it a new way to #roeglow.

Starring Potent Native Ingredients

The Goldie Vitamin C Glow Drops is packed with potent natural and native ingredients that work together to not only improve your skin but to protect it from daily environmental damage. . A potent Multi-Seed Oil Complex combines the power of three skin-beneficial seed oils to further support your skin. Chia Seed Oil enhances hydration and helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier protection to not only preserve that moisture within the skin but to protect it against the elements. Broccoli Seed Oil plumps, firms, and hydrates while Sunflower Oil is rich in Vitamin E to protect those important Collagen and Elastin reserves in the skin that give it strength, support, and structure.

All The Ways You Can Use The Goldie Vitamin C Glow Drops

While we totally appreciate its long-term skin benefits, we’re also here for all the ways that this little bottle of liquid gold gets you glowing. The Goldie Vitamin C Drops has earnt a place on both our bathroom shelves and in our makeup bags for its versatility and the way it lifts skin in an instant, no matter how tired you look.

A few of our favourite ways to work The Goldie into your day:

  • It’s a natural, no-makeup look

For foundation-free days, apply Barrier Reef Daily Facial Shield SPF50+, wait for it to dry, then massage a few drops straight into your skin for a lit-from-within luminosity.

  • It enhances any foundation, primer or tinted moisturiser

Mix a drop into your favourite complexion product (liquid foundation, tinted moisturiser, or primer) to boost its light-reflecting and face-flattering properties.

  • It’s a light-reflecting highlighter

Apply a drop or two on the highpoints of your face like your brow and cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your forehead, and your collarbone to attract the light and then blend, blend, blend.

 Get your skin to The Goldie

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